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ScholarsArchive@OSU needs your articles!

[Note: content below is excerpted from the OSU IR website.]

In the coming months you may receive an email from your subject librarian asking if we might articles you have written to the ScholarsArchive, your Institutional Repository here at Oregon State University. These will be cases where the journal publisher explicitly allows you, the author, to “self-archive” their formatted pdf version after a specified period of time.

The ScholarsArchive is a digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community. It has a 5 year history and is now ranked 5th in the nation in size. Extension and Experiment Station Communications is now a leader in participation in this activity, but you as an individual scholar can participate as well.

We encourage you to be proactive and deposit pdfs of your pre-refereed and/or post-refereed articles as well. As noted in earlier newsletter entries, numerous journals allow this. If you have any trouble finding out what you can and can’t deposit just contact your subject librarian.

Why bother? The biggest reason to contribute to an open access institutional repository like the ScholarsArchive is more diverse dissemination. Your writing will be exposed to a wider audience and to those who don’t have access to a large library and who would otherwise have to pay to read it.

The work must be in digital form and you must be willing and able to grant to Oregon State University the non-exclusive right to preserve and distribute the work. But, once deposited, the URL is persistent and will not disappear as happens so often with items merely linked on a web server.

Where will my article reside? You will find that most departments and/or Colleges are represented by a “community” in the ScholarsArchive. These articles are contributed to a “research publications” collection within that community. This is a relatively new activity so those collections may not have many articles in them currently. It is important to remember that no one will have to know how to get to the article once deposited because Google or any search engine will find it for them.

So make AY 2009/10 the year that you contribute to the ScholarsArchive@OSU — it’s free!

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