Bonnie's Library Tips: Posts from March 2010

Open Access tips for OSU Authors

Remember to add a “Access-Reuse” addenda before you sign the publisher’s copyright transfer agreement.  Then you will have the option of depositing your article in the OSU ScholarsArchive. You can use the the Science Commons Addenda generator to do this addenda.

Even a publisher will not allow you to use its  published pdf  it will usually let you retain the right to deposit your final, post-refereed “post-print” in the ScholarsArchive.  Use the SherpaRoMEO site to look this up.

When you are investigating publishing options for the future, these tools may be useful:

Update March 2010: Forestry Journals and Author Rights

Here is an updated edition of the spreadsheet giving Author-Rights to self-archive pre/post prints in forestry related journals as of March 2010.  Information is from SherpaRoMEO and some website sleuthing.  Feel free to send corrections or additions to me.