Bonnie's Library Tips: Posts from June 2010

Talking about Open Access Agreements

What is the ScholarsArchive@OSU and how does it relate to promoting open access?

  • The ScholarsArchive@OSU (SA) is Oregon State University’s Institutional Repository (IR) — a place to preserve the scholarly output of OSU faculty, staff and students.  The College of Forestry has several collections in the SA, however it is not necessary for a person looking for an article to do more than a Google search to locate it.

Why participate in open access by depositing articles in the ScholarsArchive?

  • Once a document is deposited (electronically) in the SA, it has a permanent URL and be freely available to all.

Can I do this legally?

  • Yes.  Many publishers (Elsevier, Springer, NRC, SAF, etc.) have added language to their copyright transfer agreements allowing the deposit of your final (post-refereed) draft in an IR.  Some allow for depositing their pdf after a specified lag.

What if my publisher is an exception?

  • Until you sign the copyright transfer agreement you hold all copyrights to your work.  You can use an “author addendum” when signing the copyright transfer agreement which clarifies your understanding of rights you wish to retain.  If the publisher doesn’t agree, at least you tried and in this case your article would not be deposited.

Will agreeing to participate affect my choice of publishing outlets?

  • No. The aim of this initiative is to encourage you to make your publications available but not to restrict where you elect to publish.

Will agreeing to participate affect the timely publication of my articles?

  • It shouldn’t.  Depositing in the SA happens after your article is published.

How does it work, who deposits my article in the SA?

  • If you are in the College of Forestry for example, when you submit the final (post-refereed) draft for publication, send a copy to Forestry Publications and it will be deposited for you. Or you can elect to do this yourself.

When will I have a URL for my CV?

  • The permanent URL is available within a week of depositing an article in the SA.

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