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Search the Library’s E-Journals and more…

The search box on the search box on the library home page was revamped this year.  It is far more useful for one stop searching across our e-journal content.  It also searches some of our databases and  our extensive array of in-house digital collections.

New E-Content Search Box (click image for larger view)

Give it a try and let us know what you think.  Of course you may need to use one of our databases as well if what you need is an in-depth search, but this is definitely a place to start.

Why can’t I see this article!

When you can’t view a journal you used to access, more than likely the cause is temporary, an “e-glitch.”  If this happens, before you assume the worst:

  • Contact us at: so we can look into it for you (and fix the problem for everyone).
  • If you are looking for a specific article provide that information.

Some common problems stem from getting to the journal website without initiating the library’s e-proxy server – particularly when you are off campus and you must be authenticated as part of the OSU Community covered by our subscription.  For that reason,

  • Don’t rely bookmarking a journal website for access beyond viewing abstracts;
  • Consider a Google search as a means to identify an article not as a means of viewing it.
  • Appreciate those open-access journals that do not rely on licenses.
  • Never pay for access to an article… interlibrary loan is free to you.

Do consider bookmarking the following sites:

You may have heard that the library is cancelling quite a few journal subscriptions in 2009/2011.  We made every effort to NOT cancel highly used journals.   But thresholds of use vary with subscription costs.  The rule of thumb is not to cancel a journal if the “cost per use” has been less than the cost of an average interlibrary loan transaction.  

We hope you will find it a rare occasion when you don’t have access to articles in your favorite journals.  If this happens we will get them for you via interlibrary loan.   To register and read more about  this service go to: