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August 8: Proquest Unavailable for Maintenance

On Saturday, August 8, ProQuest will be upgrading its systems infrastructure to improve performance, security, and overall reliability. The system maintenance window is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time and will last for eight (8) hours.

Trial Databases: LGBT Studies in Video & LGBT Thought and Culture

LGBT Studies in Video is a cinematic survey of the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as well as the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community. This first-of-its-kind collection features award-winning documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics. LGBT Studies in Video provides students and researchers across disciplines a multi-content perspective on the LGBT political, cultural and social movements throughout the twentieth century and into the present day. It also provides key resources of interest to students and researchers in sociology, anthropology, psychology, counseling, history, political science, gender studies, cultural studies, and religious studies.


LGBT Thought and Culture is an online resource hosting books, periodicals, and archival materials documenting LGBT political, social and cultural movements throughout the twentieth century and into the present day. The collection illuminates the lives of lesbians, gays, transgender, and bisexual individuals and the community with content including selections from The National Archives in Kew, materials collected by activist and publisher Tracy Baim from the mid-1980s through the mid-2000s, the Magnus Hirschfeld and Harry Benjamin collections from the Kinsey Institute, periodicals such as En la Vida and BLACKlines, select rare works from notable LGBT publishers including Alyson Books and Cleis Press, as well as mainstream trade and university publishers.


These OSU Trials runs through 8/31/2015.

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EBL: System Downtime 7/1/2015

In preparation for the upcoming ProQuest Ebook Central launch, ProQuest will be performing a significant upgrade to its systems infrastructure on July 1, 2015 to improve performance and scalability. The EBL Patron Interface and EBL LibCentral will not be available July 1,  2:00 pm to 8:00 pm (PST).


Now Available: ASBC Fishbone References

ASBC Fishbone References is an online troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for anyone interested in brewing.  The author, Gregory Paul Casey, utilized his 20+ years of experience as an industry insider to provide 121 highly detailed “fishbone” diagrams covering 33 critical topic areas. These fishbone diagrams can serve as useful tools for better understanding  the relationships between an effect of importance to a malster or brewer and observed causes that may be influencing the stated effect. Available fishbone topics include yeast viability and vitality, beer drinkability, beer flavor stability, process control techniques for a variety of brewing processes, and much more.

Trial Database: GeoScienceWorld

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is a resource for research and communications in the earth sciences built on a core database of peer-reviewed journals. The database gives researchers a single point of access to 45 full-text scholarly journals plus specialized searching capabilities and links to millions of relevant resources hosted elsewhere on the Web.


GSW also offers an e-book collection dedicated to the study of the earth sciences.  The full e-book collection contains more than 1,000 earth science titles from 10 leading society publishers.


This OSU Trial runs through 3/31/2015.

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E-Books Trial: Digitalia Hispanica

Digitalia Hispanica is a globally recognized e-book platform that specializes in providing high quality Spanish Language content primarily from Spain and Latin American countries. Available publications range from the early 20th century works of Ruedo Iberico, Hora de España, and Generación Consciente to recent releases from publishers such as Silex, Trotta or Bibloteca Nueva.  Over 4000 e-book titles are available in a wide variety of subject areas such as Literature, Social Sciences, Geography, History, Medicine, and many more. In addition, Digitalia Hispanica offers well-known e-journal content from publications such as Anthropos, (Cultural Studies) Quimera, (Literature), Archivos de la Filmoteca (Cinema studies) and El Viejo Topo (Political Science). The site’s powerful search capabilities and fast-loading in-browser reading experience make it a worthwhile resource for easily discovering and viewing many interesting and useful Spanish Language works.

This OSU Trial runs through 6/18/2014

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Trial Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of Hinduism

Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism presents the latest research on all the main aspects of the Hindu traditions. Its essays are original work written by the world’s foremost scholars on Hinduism. The encyclopedia aims at a balanced and even-handed view of Hinduism, recognizing the divergent perspectives and methods in the academic study of a religion that is both an ancient historical tradition and a flourishing tradition today. The encyclopedia embraces the greatest possible diversity, plurality, and heterogeneity, thus emphasizing that Hinduism encompasses a variety of regional traditions as well as a global world religion.

This OSU Trial runs through 5/01/2014.

Please tell us what you think. Comments on this resource can be submitted on the electronic resource evaluation form.

EBL: Down for Maintenance

The Ebook Library (EBL) platform will be unavailable Saturday,  March 1 4:00 PM (PST) to 8:00 PM (PST) for enhancements and updates.

Springer Access Down

The full-text of all Springer titles is inaccessible for many institutions at this time. Springer is working to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours or sooner.

EBL: Down for Maintenance

EBL Logo

Scheduled EBL Platform maintenance August 10th 2013

The EBL platform  will be unavailable, due to a platform upgrade, at the following time:

  • PDT US – Saturday August 10th 2013 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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