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Now Available: ProQuest Government Documents Collections

Several new ProQuest Government Documents resources are now available:

ProQuest Legislative Insightis a Federal legislative history service that makes available thoroughly researched compilations of digital full text publications created by Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of U.S. Public Laws. The following document types may be included in a legislative history:  bills, reports, documents, hearings CRS reports, committee prints, Congressional Record sections, Presidential Signing Statements, and Statutes.

ProQuest Indian Claims Insight is a one-of-a-kind research tool that provides researchers with the opportunity to understand and analyze Native American migration and resettlement throughout U.S. history, as well as U.S. Government Indian removal policies and subsequent actions to address Native American claims. Content includes decisions, transcripts, docket books, journals of the Indian Claims Commission, a judicial panel for relations between the U.S. Government and Native American tribes; and related statutes and congressional publications.

Published annually by the federal government since 1878, The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. ProQuest provides a fully indexed and highly-interactive platform to view every annual edition of this important resource.

ProQuest Congressional is a comprehensive online collection of primary source congressional publications and legislative research materials covering all topics, including government, current events, politics, economics, business, science and technology, international relations, social issues, finance, insurance, and medicine. Finding aid for congressional hearings (published and unpublished), committee prints, committee reports and documents from 1824-present, and the daily Congressional Record from 1985-present. Compiled legislative histories from 1969-present. Full text access to the U.S. Statutes at Large, which is the official compilation of all public and private laws and resolutions passed by Congress, listed in order by date of enactment from 1789-present.

Within ProQuest Congressional, there are several distinct resources:

ProQuest Congressional: Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings, debates, and activities of Congress. Although the Record contains a substantially verbatim account of the proceedings and debate, it also contains extensive inserted materials, communications from the President and executive agencies, memorials, and petitions.

 ProQuest Congressional: Congressional Research Service is a comprehensive full text collection of primary source U.S. congressional committee prints (1817-present) and Congressional Research Service reports (1916-2010) covering all aspects of U.S. politics and culture, including economics, business, science and technology, international relations, social issues, finance, insurance, and medicine.

ProQuest Congressional: Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations Since 1789, U.S. Presidents have exercised authority through orders, proclamations, directives, memoranda, pardons, correspondence, statements, and other types of communication. As part of the U.S three-branch system of checks and balances, Presidents have undertaken actions to direct foreign policy, interpret enacted law, impact the enforcement of laws, and further social change. This unique collection offers over 100,000 examples of executive actions from 1789-2017.

ProQuest Congressional: U.S. Bills and Resolutions offers one place to go for the full text of all versions of U.S. public and private bills and resolutions implemented 1789-2013.

ProQuest Congressional: Executive Branch Documents contains documents (1789-1948) produced by Federal government departments, agencies, and commissions, spanning the years from our nation’s founding through the mid-20th century.  These documents touch upon all aspects of U.S. social, political, and economic life, as well as major events in U.S. history, and provide points of comparison between the U.S, and selected foreign countries.

Note: ProQuest expects to finish loading the 1940-1948 portion of the collection by the end of 2020. Click here for the latest reports on their progress.

ProQuest Congressional: Hearings (Published) is a comprehensive full text collection of primary source U.S. congressional hearings covering all aspects of U.S. politics and culture, including economics, business, science and technology, international relations, social issues, finance, insurance, and medicine.

The ProQuest Congressional: Hearings (Unpublished) libguide provides guidance for exploring unpublished hearings in ProQuest Congressional. Many hearings are not printed. The law does not require publication, and each committee or subcommittee decides whether to publish a particular hearing. Rules dictate when unpublished hearings are released from the National Archives. Senate hearings are usually released after 20 years; House hearings after 30 years. The exception is hearings that include classified or sensitive material; they can be held for up to 50 years.

ProQuest Congressional: U.S. Serial Set is a collection of primary source U.S. government publications compiled under directive of the Congress. It contains comprehensive and often detailed information on an extremely wide range of subjects, including economics, business, science and technology, international relations, social issues, finance, insurance, and medicine.

ProQuest Congressional: Serial Set Maps collection contains more than 70,000 maps printed as part of the Congressional Serial Set.  With the High-Resolution Maps Module, more than 50 percent of these are scanned at high resolution enabling users to see and download the smallest details on the map. The rest of the maps are mostly outline maps and would not benefit from being scanned at high resolution. Several Executive Branch agencies are the most prolific publishers of the maps including the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Now Available: Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science)

Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), launched late in 2015, is a Web of Science Core Collection Index that focuses on high-quality, peer-reviewed publications of regional importance and in emerging scientific fields. Journals in ESCI have passed an initial editorial evaluation and can continue to be considered for inclusion in Web of Science Core Indexes (such as Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Science Citation Index, and Social Science Citation Index) which have more rigorous evaluation processes and selection criteria.

Now Available: New York Times Online

OSU Extended Campus has generously funded access to the The New York Times Digital Edition. Register here to begin enjoying *full access to NYTimes.com and the NYTimes.com smartphone apps. NYTimes.com provides full access to New York Times and International New York Times content, including breaking news, multimedia, blogs, videos and more. *(Does not include Crosswords and Times Insider. Unlimited access provided for content newer than 1980 and older than 1923. Access to content within the date range 1923-1980 is limited to 5 articles per day.)


Now Available: Index Islamicus Online

Index Islamicus Online is THE international classified bibliography of publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world. It contains over 500,000 records, covering all the main Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, as well as Muslims living elsewhere, and their history, beliefs, societies, cultures, languages and literatures. Index Islamicus includes material published by Western scholars in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, specialist area- and subject-based areas, and by Muslims writing in European languages.

Now Available – Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

Oregon State University Libraries now has online access to Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law. 

The HeinOnline collection contains legal materials on slavery in the United States and western countries. Scholars will find judicial cases, statutes, essays, scholarly articles that date back to the 19th century through the modern history of slavery. Also included are ebooks and pamphlets. This is a collection critical to any scholar looking to find historical material on legal, economic and social aspects on the subject.

For more information about the Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law collection or its search features, please visit https://home.heinonline.org/content/Slavery-in-America-and-the-World-History-Culture–Law/

Trial Access: American West

American West is a digital resource containing the history of the development of the West as well as its enduring legacies. From the earliest, pioneering expeditions that discovered and mapped the West to the growth of industry and settlements, through a range of rare and important documents it is possible to explore the commercial, cultural and social factors that made the West what it was and is. Through Items such as maps, manuscripts, journals, rare printed books, periodicals, photographs and more, the appeal of the ‘wild’ West to explorers, emigrants and workers is brought to life. The development of the popular image of the West can be charted with material depicting the ‘Wild West’ shows, famous outlaws and pioneer personalities, while the clash of cultures that was often a feature of life in the burgeoning United States is represented through a wealth of documents relating to the Mormon exodus and Native American contact. Within this resource you can use the chronology and data maps to discover fascinating facts and events in the history of the American West and view visual resources in searchable galleries.

This OSU trial will be available until March 31, 2017. Please tell us what you think. Comments on this resource can be submitted on the electronic resource evaluation form.

Trial Access: American Indian Histories and Cultures

American Indian Histories and Cultures presents a unique view into interactions between American Indians and Europeans from their earliest contact, continuing through the turbulence of the American Civil War, the on-going repercussions of government legislation, right up to the civil rights movement of the mid-twentieth century. Explore the consequent political, social and cultural impact on American Indian life against the backdrop of an ever-expanding western frontier through many rare original documents, including: manuscripts, artwork, photographs, maps, printed materials and newspapers. Use the fully searchable interactive chronology to discover fascinating facts and events in American Indian history; explore key events and movements across North America with interactive maps; and view visual resources through galleries and exhibitions.

This OSU trial will be available until March 31, 2017. Please tell us what you think. Comments on this resource can be submitted on the electronic resource evaluation form.

Trial Access: APA Style CENTRAL

APA Style CENTRAL is the ultimate resource on APA Style. Utilize tools such as quick guides, tutorials, self-quizzes and much more to refine writing technique. Improve research skills with tutorials, reference ebooks. APA’s My References provides reference management in APA Style for original as well as PsycINFO-generated citations. Paper templates facilitate comprehensive, easy to use APA-formatting during the writing process. The Publishing Center presents manuscript submission resources and detailed publication analytics information on a variety of psychology-related journal titles from many different publishers, including APA.

This OSU Trial runs through 10/17/2016

Please tell us what you think. Comments on these resources can be submitted on the electronic resource evaluation form.

Now Available: ASME Digital Collection – eBooks

OSU Libraries’ subscription to the ASME Digital Collections now includes eBooks from 1993 to the present.  Over 150 titles are available covering subjects such as Design & Manufacturing, Engineering Management, Energy and Power, and Pressure Vessels and Piping. For a list of the eBook titles available, see the ASME eBooks page.

ProQuest Resources Down for Maintenance: August 20-21, 2016

Beginning on Saturday August 20-21, 2016, ProQuest will be performing critical maintenance. The window is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time and will last for 8 hours. During this time, access to all ProQuest products (listed on this page: http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/az.php?v=27204) will not be available.

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