Oregon Explorer News: Posts from April 2010

Rural Communities Reporter

Last month I mentioned that the Rural Communities Explorer provides public access to reliable and up-to-date social, demographic, economic, and environmental information about Oregon’s rural communities – over 700 named places in 36 counties. This is done via the Oregon Communities Reporter.

Using it could not be simpler,

  • Select the places and/or counties of interest.  These go into your “report bin”
  • Decide if you want to combine or compare these communities
  • Click on “generate report” —  view your customized report online or print it.

Whether for a student comparing the demographics of Malheur and Harney counties for a report or for a local council member preparing for a planning meeting, this tool is a great start.  When the student needs to understand how a particular statistic is defined or the planner wants the data source, they just click on the header and a pop-up box tells them.

So, try it!  I assure you (channeling my best twelve year old Michael Jackson) “it’s easy as one, two, three!”