New Collection: Ethnic Groups in Oregon, The Hans Plambeck Papers

Plambeck Papers

I have just completed my first processing project with the Plambeck Papers collection for the Oregon Multicultural Archives. This collection deals with former Oregon State University sociology professor, Hans Plambeck, and his research on ethnic groups in Oregon conducted in the mid-twentieth century. As I organized the material, created new folders, and constructed a box list, this collection became very intriguing. Plambeck’s research focuses on ethnic groups including African Americans, Germans, Hungarians, Indians, Japanese-Americans, Jewish, Koreans and Scandinavians—to name a few. Not only did he collect newspaper clippings, church pamphlets, interview notes, and personal correspondence, but he also archived student papers that recount personal stories of immigration and being children of immigrants.

Japanese American Internment Materials

Overall, this collection touches on topics such as cultural celebrations, religion, discrimination, and interracial connections. One issue that particularly stood out to me was the research material for Japanese Americans. Magazine and newspaper articles from 1943, soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, show particularly racist comments and radical “solutions” to the question of Japanese Americans and internment camps. This highlights that much of the Plambeck’s materials holds particular weight for researchers of minorities and their treatment. Because of this and the range of topics and ethnicities covered, this proved to be a very interesting collection to begin my processing experience.

~Avery Sorensen, OMA student worker

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“Oral Histories of Faculty & Staff of Color at Oregon State University” E-Book Publication

This Fall Term the OMA collaborated again with the U-Engage class ALS 199 “Untold Stories: Histories of People of Color in Oregon” and this year we created an e-book using PressBooks to publish 5 oral history interviews the students conducted with OSU faculty and staff of color. Read the book online!

“Untold Stories: Oral Histories of Faculty & Staff of Color at Oregon State University”

The stories represented in this book showcase a variety of perspectives about diversity and inclusion at OSU and the broader Corvallis community. Also included are the students’ responses to the interviews regarding what they learned from their interviewees. And, all the interviews are available online, so you are welcome to listen to them yourself!

ALS 199 Class, December 3, 2014

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The OMA on the Sustainable Heritage Network

SHN Website

The Sustainable Heritage Network (SHN) was established to connect Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ALMs) with each other as well as to connect tribal communities with non-tribal ALMs to provide a space to communicate and learn about digital stewardship and preservation. The way in which this connection and assistance occurs is for ALMs to self-designate as “workbenches” via the SHN website. A “workbench” can share as much or a little as it wants in terms of equipment, physical workspaces, institutional and archival resources, training, etc.

The OMA is excited to share the it is now a workbench as part of the network! The OMA is listed as a part of the Oregon State University Libraries workbench and is very excited to offer a variety of services!

OSUL SHN Workbench

OSUL SHN Workbench

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Celebrate Native American Heritage Month 2014

NAL Display 2014

Join the OMA and OSU’s Native American Longhouse (NAL) Eena Haws in celebrating Native American Heritage Month 2014! This year, NAL student staff member, Tus Henry, curated a display for the library featuring the NAL’s history and services as well as artifacts from the Longhouse. The display showcases items from a variety of Native American cultures, predominately from the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, and Hawaii. Come see the display in person at the Valley Library and check out photos of the items featured through the NAL 2014 Display Digital Collection in Flickr  

Display Information:
When: November – December, 2014
Where: Main Floor, OSU Valley Library, Display Case to the left of the Main Entrance 
Who: Display curated by Tus Henry, NAL Student Staff, with assistance from Erin Clark, OSU Library Digital Productions Unit, with assistance from Natalia Fernandez, Oregon Multicultural Librarian

This is the 3rd display about the NAL the OMA has featured. In 2011 and 2013, we showcased OSU Pow Wow photos and oral histories with NAL student staff:

NAL Display 2011 and NAL Display 2013

And, be sure to check out our previous heritage month displays…

Oregon Multicultural Archives Heritage Month Displays

Display Digital Collections in Flickr

 Want to learn more? Contact Oregon Multicultural Librarian Natalia Fernández at and the NAL at

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The OMA at NAME 2014

NAME 2014 Conference

This week the OMA attended and presented at the NAME (National Association for Multicultural Education) conference in Tucson, AZ. The purpose of NAME is to “advance and advocate for equity and social justice through multicultural education.” The OMA was excited to share its role in multicultural education by participating in a poster session highlighting two OSU course collaborations featuring OMA collections.

The poster “Engaging Students with Multicultural History through Archival Research Projects” showcased the class assignments from the “Sundown Towns in Oregon” Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 classes, along with the “Untold Stories: The Histories of Students of Color at Oregon State University” Campus Tour Guidebook project. Since the majority of conference attendees were multicultural educators, the OMA wanted to demonstrate how archival research can play an integral role in the classroom, especially pertaining to multicultural education.

And, the conference itself was fantastic!

Also, a special thanks to Jean Moule, OSU Professor Emeritus in Multicultural Education, who introduced the OMA to this conference and was the first professor / OMA collaboration involving in-depth archival research for a class.

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Milagro Performance Screening: La Noche Eterna

Milagro Production Files

As Archive’s Month here at Oregon State University wrapped up with its final event yesterday, I have some time to reflect on the steps and outcomes of the event to which I contributed. Because it took place so close to Halloween and the Day of the Dead, we decided to incorporate el Día de los Muertos festivities into the event. This brought the decision to utilize our Milagro collection due to the fact that this Portland, bilingual theatre group performs an annual Día de los Muertos play.

Once this topic was chosen, the first step of the process was to select a recording of the play we wished to screen. This process was enjoyable as I was able to look at several of their plays, outreach and productions materials, and festivals. After exploring the audiovisual material for a couple of days, I decided on screening La Noche Eterna because it included elements of social issues and el Día de los Muertos all weaved through comical characters and bright costumes.

Play Screening

I then set to work gathering production materials found in the OMA archives, including: the script, flyers, programs, evaluation forms, practice schedules, and the official DVD. With this wide breadth of material, those who attended the event were able to look at the scope of the Milagro collection. Alongside this step, I found flyers that had been used by the Miracle Theatre Group, Teatro Milagro, for their Día de los Muertos productions that had taken place from 1995 t0 2013. I think this was an especially interesting element for those who appreciate Milagro performances and their celebration of the Day of the Dead. With all the physical material chosen, the task of cutting down the hour and thirty minute play into a forty minute section was upon me. For me, this was one of the most difficult yet rewarding tasks of this project simply because I do not have a lot of background with editing. However, with the help of Karl McCreary and Chris Petersen, once cohesion between cuts manifested, the order fell in to place. The final step of this was to write an informational sheet explaining Day of the Dead and the scenes that we would be showing in both English and Spanish to reflect both the diversity embedded within the OMA collections and the bilingual play chosen to screen. I am very proud of how these flyers turned out due to the creativity of Kylie Thalhofer who designed them! With all of this prep-work accomplished by all those involved, it was time for the event.


I am thankful to say, it went off without a hitch; with a good turnout, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! With refreshments such as Pan de Muerto, Horchata, and candy from the local Mexican bakery, Pilos Bakery, people were able to snack while watching Milagro’s production that covered topics ranging from Day of the Dead to tourism to immigration to love. This form of outreach enabled spectators to view what can be done with the collections held by the OMA and the breadth of its archives.

~ Avery Sorensen, OMA Student Worker

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New Documentary: “The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers”

“Delano Manongs” Documentary

The story of the role of the Filipino farm workers within the history of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and the 1960s Chicano Movement is now a documentary, “The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers.” The film shares the history leading up to The Delano Grape Strike of September 1965 in Delano, CA, lead by Larry Itliong, and the spark that it created to form a collaboration between the Filipino, Chicano, and other ethnic farm workers.

To find out more, check out the Documentary Website:

And, the DVD is available at the OSU Valley Library!

The Delano Manongs
CALL NO: HD5325.A29 D45 2014 DVD
Valley Media 5th Floor

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A Day of Outreach: OR Archives Crawl & OALP Concert

OR Archives Crawl & OALP Concert Flyers

It was a busy day for the OMA, but the best kind of busy since there were two opportunities to talk to community members about archives! Today the OMA participated in the Oregon Archives Crawl (both at the OSU and ATAP tables), and then headed off to an Obo Addy Legacy Project concert (OALP) to share the OALP’s history via the exhibit panels created for the Applause! exhibit. There are, of course, photos – check them out below:

First, the Oregon Archives Crawl 2014:

ATAP Table at OHS

The Oregon Historical Society (OHS) was one of the three Crawl locations and ATAP (American Theatre Archive Project) was there to showcase the great theatre archives advocacy work done all over the country. The OMA shared its local story of working with Portland’s Milagro theatre, and as a excellent bonus, Katrina O’Brien, Milagro’s archival intern was there as well.

OMA at the OSU Table

It was a bit of a back and forth between the ATAP table at the OHS location and the OMA at the OSU table over at the City of Portland Archives and Records Center, but over at city archives, the OMA had the opportunity to give a short presentation highlighting a few OMA collections and projects. One of which was the OALP collection…

On to the second event of the day, the Obo Addy Legacy Project “Cross Cultural Rhythms” concert:

OALP Concert at the 40th Ave Garage

The concert included a variety of performers including various singer and poets. Concert attendees, including many children danced all night. And, the OMA brought copies of the Applause! exhibit panels to share with concert attendees!

Beautiful Poetry



OALP Exhibit Panels

Needless to say, it was a fantastic day for the OMA!

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The Urban League of Portland’s 2014 Equal Opportunity Day Awards Dinner

ULPDX EOD Dinner 2014 Program

It’s that time of year again – the Urban League of Portland (ULPDX) Equal Opportunity Day Awards Dinner! 

As we have done for the past several years, the OMA brought a display of ULPDX archival materials to share with dinner attendees. Each year we share information about the collection includes 480 images available online through the OMA Digital Collection, quick link “Urban League of Portland”, dozens of textual documents, including the organization’s Meeting Minutes and Newsletters, available through OSU’s institutional repository ScholarsArchive, and more information on the Urban League of Portland Online Collection.

Urban of Portland Archives Display

But this year was extra special, because we just happened to select a photo from the early 1990s that included two ladies, a grandmother and grand-daughter at the Whitney Young Jr. Center, that were dinner attendees and recognized themselves in the photo!

Gloria Phillips and her grand-daughter Chinara Shambry

Phillips is a long time member of the Urban League family and her grand-daughter also became a member at a very young age – it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet these two ladies!

And, the event itself was of course, excellent. The theme for the evening was education and both the keynote speaker, Dr. Nancy Golden, and the honoree this year was Charlene Williams, gave inspiring speeches. Dr. Golden, is Oregon’s Chief Education Officer and Williams led Portland’s Roosevelt High School to an incredible improvement in the school’s overall academic performance - she is now Senior Director for the Roosevelt Cluster and Benson High School.

As always, we look forward to next year!

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Milagro Addition to Complete the Collection!

Milagro’s Grants and Financial Records

The Milagro collection is now complete! This week the OMA received Milagro’s financial and grants documentation, 1986-2005/2007, a total of 6 boxes. These materials give a fantastic insight into the inner workings of the administrative side of running a successful theatre company.

And, that means that Katrina has officially completed her processing project. To get a sense of how much work Katrina did, be sure to read through her blog: Katrina’s Milagro Internship and check out these “after” photos of the archives room at Milagro (this room was originally jam packed with content that is now at the OMA):

Milagro Archives Room


Milagro’s Current Records


What’s still at Milagro? Scripts and some Artwork


And, in the coming year’s there will be more Milagro content to come to the OMA; Katrina created a Records Retention Schedule for the staff to be sure to know what comes to the archives, what stays at the theatre, and what needs to be shredded.

Milagro’s RSS Instructions

 However, just because her internship is complete, Katrina’s dedication to the Performing Arts community is by no means over. In fact, she developed the Northwest Performing Arts Archive:

nwpaarchive website

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