Borderless Stories Exhibit

Borderless Stories Exhibit

The traveling exhibit Borderless Stories is now at the OSU Valley Library!

Borderless Stories shares the lives of immigrants in Rural Oregon. The exhibit is coordinated by the Rural Organizing Project (ROP) with the Immigrant Family Advocates (IFA) in Deschutes County.

Borderless Stories documents the complex human stories behind the polarizing issue of what to do about immigration in our country. Last year Sue Nell Philips and Mimi Graves of IFA conducted interviews with 8 families touched by the experience of immigration. The stories are deeply personal, speaking to the underlying political realties in a way that is intimate and real.”

 ~ Rural Organizing Project 

 Exhibit Information 

OSU Valley Library, Main Floor, Learning Commons
February 18th – 28th
Exhibit Curation: Sue Nell Philips, writer; Terry Re, Photographer; Mimi Graves, Coordinator; and Irene Bonilla & Steve Fisher, videographers
The exhibit is brought to you through the collaborative efforts of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County, Corvallis Multicultural Literacy CenterCorvallis First United Methodist Church, and the OSU Valley Library.

Exhibit Photos






Selected Stories

Brian Tapia “Expecting the Best”

  Maria and Andrés “Hoping for a Life Not So Hard”

  Elena de los Angeles “Freedom for a Caged Dove” 

All 10 Stories

Maria and Andrés “Hoping for a Life Not So Hard”
Maricela Ramos “Seeking Opportunities, Not Problems”
Enrique and Luisa “It Feels Good to Belong”
Aracela Dominguez “Driven to Succeed”
Krystal Loverin “It’s Complicated”
Gerardo Zuniga “Let Me Follow My Dream”
Brian Tapia “Expecting the Best”
Elena de los Angeles “Freedom for a Caged Dove”
Efrain “You Are Going to Do Great Things”
Isabel and Lupe “No One Will Be Able to Take that From You” 

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