Friday Feature: 15 Views of Oregon Agricultural College

Great things come in little packages, right?

“15 Views of OAC,” front view

Measuring 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, the “15 Views of Oregon Agricultural College” includes 15 pictures of various spots on campus (each measuring a mere 3 1/2″ x 2″). It is just a bundle of fun! There is a whole Flickr set, so while the day away and explore the days of yore!

This is part of a new addition to the George P. Griffis Portfolio and Scrapbook collection, assembled by Griffis to document his career with The Oregonian newspaper and the Pacific National Advertising Agency in Portland, Oregon. The materials were donated in 2010 by Griffis’ daughter, Joan E. Griffis. Another accession in 2011 added materials on Griffis’ student experience at OAC, as well as a hand-drawn card to commemorate his promotion to the Oregon Advertising Club. The new addition to the collection, of which this little gem is a part, is mostly photographs. You can read about the particulars of the collection online.

George Griffis attended Oregon State College from 1926 to 1929 and studied engineering and business. During his student years, he was national advertising manager for the Barometer campus newspaper; he continued this work as promotion manager for The Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Oregon, from 1929 until 1951. In 1951, Griffis left the The Oregonian to work for the Pacific National Advertising Agency where he worked until 1963, when he formed his own advertising firm. The George P. Griffis Publishing Internship at the Oregon State University Press was established in 2010.

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