Friday Feature: an inspired post, two strange portraits

Collections Archivist Karl McCreary has had a crazy summer, bringing in scrapbooks from the closing Co-ops and slides from the relocating School of Design and Human Environment, but I admit that this is the strangest thing since we accessioned a keg.

The treasures this time were woodcut faces of past Deans, 3-D though you can’t tell.

This is Karl’s story.

The fence along Benton Place was long and impenetrable. If my mission
were to succeed I would need to negotiate the bushy dark wilderness
skirting Kidder Hall. Emerging from the thicket, I came before the temple of Business, known to the locals as “Bexell Hall.” The task at hand required
tact and precision, as I passed by the ancient wood murals on the wall to
the inner sanctum. Moments later, the harsh summer sun blinded my eyes
as I re-emerged with an armful of history salvaged from the temple.

As I surveyed the spoils to be added to the Library’s Special Collections, my
eyes felt the gazes of others upon me. Then I noticed the wooden faces of
Deans Clifford Maser and Earl Goddard staring up from the library cart and into my soul. “These were the guardians of the temple” I muttered to myself, long histories of service to the college and revered in those halls of Bexell.

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