What’s new on The Brewstorian Blog? A trip report for Beers Made By Walking, Corvallis


Last Saturday I set out on my first Beers Made By Walking trek, which I was super excited about even though drizzle (in Oregon that translates to torrential rain) was forecast.

For those who don’t know, Beers Made By Walking was founded by Eric Steen in Colorado, and though a lot of the hikes moved to the west coast when he did, a quick look through their website will give you a good idea of the variety of themes and places they’ve done hikes/walks. They partner with local brewers to make beers with ingredients either gathered or informed/inspired by the walks; they also partner with local agencies that focus on similar concerns and have somewhat similar audiences. Locally, this has included the Forest Park Conservancy in PDX, McKenzie River Trust in Eugene, and Greenbelt Land Trust in Corvallis.

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