What’s been going on in SCARC this month? A lot

Those who watch our events calendar or follow us on Facebook know that there’s been a lot going on for us this spring. Play readings, campus tours, public talks, sunshine, lots of classes. It’s been fun and busy!

Pride Week 2017 saw an April 25 panel discussion at the Native American Longhouse Eena Haws called “Consent is A-sexy and Required: Healthy Relationships with Asexual and Aromantic People.”

The OMA was also featured in the OLA Quarterly in an article called “Las Historias de Latinos en Oregón: Canby, Oregón An Oral History Project Collaboration Between A Librarian and an Archivist.”

There are two blog posts on The Pauling Blog about Pauling’s relationship working with Daisaku Ikeda, a resident of Tokyo and the son of a seaweed farmer, witnessed first-hand the devastation that two nuclear bombs wrought upon his homeland.

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